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Criteria for the Selection of Medical Experts

Careful research is necessary when obtaining expert medical witnesses whose role is to educate the jury about all pertinent issues relating to the medical malpractice case. National Medical Consultants, PC represents a panel of over 1200 distinguished specialists in all areas of medicine from some of the finest institutions in the country including Yale, Einstein, Columbia, Cornell, UCLA and Stanford. They are all board certified, active in medical practice, and many are published in medical journals.

The following factors should be considered when selecting expert medical witnesses:

  • Is the individual a hands-on expert (i.e., clinician), or an academician who can testify on a purely scientific level?
  • Can the expert communicate technical information clearly and simply to a lay jury? Can he or she be an "expert" without appearing arrogant or indifferent?
  • Is the expert willing and available to testify in court?
  • Has the expert testified on this subject before? National Medical Consultants strives for an objective opinion by a knowledgeable and articulate witness who has ongoing clinical or research experience which has bearing on the case at hand.
  • Was the expert board certified in the same specialty as the defendant at the time of the incident?
  • Does the expert belong to the appropriate professional organizations and societies?