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Our goal is to meet and exceed all of the possible needs of your law firm in any health related area.

Our Services

We have done exemplary work in medical malpractice cases for hundreds of law firms nationally. Our services are available to medical malpractice attorneys only. We are not reviewing personal injury cases.

As we are doctor owned and run, we can also help you understand your medical expert's findings and help the medical malpractice case move forward promptly and efficiently.

Retain the right expert for your medical malpractice case

With over 4500 of the nations leading medical experts in our resource pool, National Medical Consultants can retain the right specialty medical expert for your case.

We have extensively screened all of our medical experts to ensure their credentials are above reproach. These factors are critical when retaining an expert for a medical malpractice case and we are committed to supporting you through the entire process. Please take a look at what some of our clients have said about us here.