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Our goal is to meet and exceed all of the possible needs of your law firm in any health related area.


We take pride in delivering service second to none for our clients and believe that our ability to provide personalized service and free initial consultation sets us apart from our competition. Our board certified medical expert doctors will opine on your case based on its summary.

Please take a look at what some of our clients had to say about us...

Joseph P. Lenahan Esq. Lenahan & Dempsey, P.C.
Our firm has used National Medical Consultants as our “go to” source for medical experts of every type over the last five years. We have been consistently impressed and delighted with the medical experts that you have recommended/provided to our firm in complex medical malpractice and personal injury cases. Not only are the experts recommended extremely well qualified and credentialed, they have been thoroughly vetted by National Medical to determine that they will be cooperative and persuasive witnesses. To date, National Medical has a perfect track record with our firm in providing experts who perform fast and thorough case reviews, with thoughtful and compelling expert reports, which have been instrumental in helping our clients obtain seven figure settlements.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that the medical experts provided by National Medical have saved our firm significant amounts of money by evaluating cases in an honest manner so that we do not become involved in cases that truly do not have merit. That may be the greatest service that you have performed for our firm.

Finally, I wish to make two points about the value of the services provided by National Medical Consultants. First, a number of these impressive medical experts have been such terrific people that we have transformed them into “friends of the firm” , rather than just consultants and medical experts. As “friends of our firm” we look to them as resources to help our clients and families when they have medical issues. These experts are happy to answer our occasional calls with questions, by providing recommendations regarding treaters and treatments, as a courtesy to our firm. Second, we consider Dr. Gene DiBlasio as a “friend of the firm” who provides us with valuable insight into our cases, and helps us coordinate expert reports and testimony with the medical experts that he has helped to provide to our office. Dr. DiBlasio always promptly answers our calls and emails when we need assistance in any of the cases that we handle that have unusual medical issues.

We look forward to a continued successful relationship.
W Russell Corker, Esq. Law Office of W. Russell Corker, PC
For forty years, I have been a trial attorney handling medical malpractice cases. I began my career at a time when it was very difficult to get a competent and well qualified medical expert to testify on behalf of a plaintiff in a medical malpractice case. Through the years, many things have changed in this specialized area of litigation, none more so than a plaintiffs access to highly qualified medical witnesses. For many years I spent a tremendous amount of time attempting to find qualified medical experts, and then about ten years ago I started working with National Medial Consultants. There are many reasons why National Medical Consultants are different than the other expert services. One critical advantage is their willingness to do an initial screening of the case, often before an investment of money, to determine if there is a sufficient basis to then go forward with a formal review. There have been many cases that I would likely have spent a great deal of money having reviewed only to find out that the case does not have merit. I have found National Medical Consultants easy to work with, fair in their pricing, and most importantly, consistent in providing me with medical experts who are highly qualified, easy to work with, and there for me when the case goes to trial.
John Ratkowitz, Esq. Starr, Gern, Davison & Rubin, P.C.
I have used National Medical Consultants (NMC) to screen and select expert witnesses in my medical malpractice cases for the last three years. I initially came to Dr. Eugene DeBlasio reluctantly, because I urgently needed an expert. Whenever I used an expert witness service in the past, I found that it resulted in increased costs. I have found, however, that National Medical Associates has actually decreased my litigation expenses for three reasons. First, I spend significantly less time vetting experts. Simply put, Dr. DeBlasio has delivered top credentialed experts usually within minutes of my request every time I have asked. Not just doctors who look good on paper, but physicians occupying leadership positions in the field. Second, all of NMC's experts charge according to the fee schedule listed on NMC's website, and those fees are eminently reasonable. Third, Dr. DeBlasio provides an initial screening consultation service (at no cost) which has allowed me to avoid spending time on cases that aren't meritorious. At your request, Dr. DeBlasio will discuss your case with an appropriately credentialed medical expert and advise you whether the facts suggest a potentially viable case. Since I represent plaintiffs, the ability to bounce cases off a qualified medical expert witness really helps level the playing field in malpractice cases. I regularly refer attorneys to NMC and I have turned to them for experts in all areas of medicine.
Carl J. Guagliardo, Esquire
Selingo Guagliardo
Kingston, PA
When it comes to medical expert review of professional malpractice claims it has been my experience that National Medical Consultants, P.C. provides outstanding medical expert services. I have found the reviews to be both timely and fair. As a lawyer representing injured plaintiffs it is not only important that I be advised when there is an injury that has resulted from negligent care, it is equally important to me that I be told when there is not a case of medical negligence. It has been my experience that the medical experts at National Medical Consultants are not at all reluctant to tell me when a case does not exist, thereby avoiding expense to all parties as well as waste of judicial resources. On the other hand, when the review indicates that there is a case of medical negligence I can feel confident that the case has merit and is worthy of pursuit.
Leslie Kelmachter Silver & Kelmachter LLP
As a Law Firm practicing in the area of Medical Malpractice, we need to obtain the services of highly qualified and well-credentialed Medical Experts. We know we can always rely upon the exceptional services we receive from National Medical Consultant, lead by Dr. Eugene BeBlasio to locate such Medical Experts. Dr. DeBlasio’s ability to locate and retain Medical Experts of the highest caliber is exceptional. Dr. DeBlasio and National Medical Consultants deserve the highest rating available and we endorse their work.
Donald J. Feinberg, Esq., LL.M. (Lifetime member: Million Dollar Advocates Forum)
I have used the service of Eugene DeBlasio, M.D. at National Medical Consultants for over seven years. The expert physicians he refers are eminently qualified. The medical experts take the time to talk about the case and are very responsive to all inquiries. I have never had a problem with scheduling the experts for live testimony. Beyond the experts, Dr. DeBlasio is irreplaceable in his on the spot consultations to discuss any potential new matter. I have never had a problem calling Dr. DeBlasio to discuss a potential case as the prospective client is sitting in my office.

In my 20 plus year experience of handling medical malpractice matters, I find the medical experts provided by National Medical and well as Dr. DeBlasio’s on the spot consultations to be unparalleled by any other service.
Alan W. Clark
For many years our law firm has successfully relied upon the reviews of medical experts provided by Medical Consultants and Eugene Diblasio. The doctors are well qualified and experienced in their specialty. The initial free screening of medical malpractice cases is invaluable in saving our law firm time and money.

The medical expert fees and the turnaround time are very reasonable. I have no reservation in recommending to my colleagues the medical expert services of this company.
Robert B. Nichols Nichols and Sullivan, PC
Buffalo, NY
Every lawyer that handles medical malpractice cases recognizes how important it is to obtain qualified experts. As a plaintiff’s attorney with over 40 years of experience, I recognize the importance of obtaining the correct expert. I have been utilizing the services of Gene DeBlasio, M.D. and his company, National Medical Consultants, for many years. If you are in need of a medical expert to support your malpractice claim, I would highly recommend National Medical Consultants.
David J. Selingo
Our firm has utilized the services of National Medical Consultants for more than a decade to obtain medical expert review of cases. Most useful to us is that National Medical Consultants’ medical expert reviews are forthright and honest, with the medical experts letting us know in the initial stages when our theory is not supported. National Medical Consultants’ medical experts save us time and effort by culling the claims that should not be pursued, so that we can focus all of our resources on strong cases that even the medical experts of our opponents acknowledge as valid claims.
Paul W. Cutrone Law Offices of Paul W. Cutrone
I have been using the services of Dr. Eugene DeBlasio of National Medical Consultants, P.C. for over a decade to obtain medical expert opinions from experienced board-certified physicians.

Dr. DeBlasio is always available for consultation when I call, and often supplies the information necessary to pre-screen cases on the first phone call. He works with you to determine what records are essential to the review, and will sometimes suggest that a specialty other than that which you first requested is more appropriate for the review. He is courteous, and handles each consultation expeditiously.

Most importantly, his company stays involved when you are scheduling medical expert testimony for trial. They will call the physician as your advocate should the physician not be as flexible as they should be with respect to the court's scheduling requirements. I highly recommend National Medical Consultants, P.C. for those practitioners that require highly qualified medical experts, and courteous and hands-on assistance from a medical consulting company.